Hello! I'm Ben Savage, a game developer with over 6 years professional experience living and working in San Francisco.

After a childhood spent enjoying video games, it's extremely gratifying to be able to actually create them for a living. Whether I'm working with a large team and hammering out architectural details in design meetings or just experimenting with new technologies in my free time, there's always that irreplaceable thrill for problem-solving that makes it worthwhile.

I've given talks on game development at Microsoft, written tutorials for Intel and was employed as an HTML5 game developer and technical coordinator by Sesame Street. I've also worked at Mahi Gaming where I helped build a game engine as well as a number innovative casino games. I am currently a Unity AR/VR game developer at Chewed Pixel Studios, an independent game studio based in San Francisco.


Below is a short list of some of the principal languages/technologies I've used throughout the years. Learning new skills is something I actively pursue and enjoy.



My personal games range from simple interactive animations and educational games to puzzle games, platformers and arcade-style shooters.

Below are some screengrabs from some games I've made over the past few years.

In addition to games in the strict sense, I've also made a number of interactive applications such as e-books, interactive flash cards, and physics simulations.