Hi! I'm Ben and I make HTML5 games for a living.

Ever since the days of Space Quest and pedaling down to the local video store to rent NES cartridges, I've been fascinated by games and how they work.

My output has ranged from adventure games made with AGI Studio, to all sorts of Flash games and most recently HTML5 games.

I've given talks on HTML5 Game development at Microsoft and written tutorials for Intel. My latest position was HTML5 Game Developer and Technical Coordinator at Sesame Street.

I live in New York City and enjoy piano and running.


Below is a list of the tools I work with:


My games range from simple interactive animations and educational games to puzzle games, platformers and arcade-style shooters.

Below are some screengrabs from HTML5 games I've made over the past few years.

In addition to games in the strict sense, I've also made a number of interactive applications such as e-books, interactive flash cards, and physics simulations.



These tutorials were written back in 2013 and cover the major features of the canvas API and how they can be used to make games. They're written in an open, playful style and are meant for absolute beginners.


Currently there are no blog entries.